Mine are the Owl, Snake & Crow. They're pretty damn accurate too! This also kinda explains why October, November & December are my favourite months of the year lol

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Lion spirit guide

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Woodpecker Totem Animal More

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squirrel .... I'm not native, and I don't want to offend (I didn't catch which native nation believes what's written here), just thought this was introspective when out in nature, and neat to teach children old ways and respect

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Spirit Totem Animals: Fox Prayer.

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Spiritual Path Seeker of Enlightenment-Inviting Your Soul to Follow Your Own Path. I give myself...

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Animal Spirit Guides and their attributes.

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Otter- Totem Animal of The Indigenous Nation

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Animal Totems are private to each individual and should not be shared. They come to you because you need them, although you may not know it at the time. However, I WILL share that the redtailed hawk in one of my totems..and comes when I need to hear it's message. :-)

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