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Hells’ Kitchen Lobster Risotto
I've been looking for this recipe for awhile now. Love me some Hell's Kitchen!

Hell’s Kitchen Lobster Risotto

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Tough decision…

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Lobster Risotto Recipe
Ahahah !! Ahhh I wanna be on hells kitchen!

The 7 Funniest Frustrated Gordon Ramsay Memes

Hell's Kitchen is one of the best shows on television..you get to look at scrumptious food, see Gordon Ramsey yell, figure out how to cook new things and learn how to stand up for yourself. Priceless!
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Please can we draw some needed attention to how wonderful Gordon Ramsay is towards children. And y'know, yes he's really coarse and strict in Hell's Kitchen because he's putting them through the wringer to find the best, but in the shows where he helps people (Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares etc.) he's not like that. He'll drop an f-bomb or yell if someone is being really incompetent or stubborn but other than that he's polite, calls people darling, and HELPS them, I love Gordon Ramsay so…