Hetalia - Prussia❤

Hetalia - Prussia❤<<< this is part of the reason why I like Prussia, because both he and I play the flute

Us and Russia

and Russia-- I don't ship it but the art is cute. (i don't know what i ship anymore, but it is all adorable)<---- I ship it! I SOOO ship!

Germany and Prussia - Hetalia

Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Prussia is such a good big brother ^^ <--- Earmuff sneak-attack looks like it would make for good target practice, too, on a side note.


These are basically all my favourite characters, only China, Austria, Seychelles and Wy are missing :D<<tbh this is a odd combination of characters to me, anyone wanna explain?

Italy and Germany // Hetalia

Italy and Germany // Hetalia ~ I'm not into boy love or yaoi but this is too cute to not pin <<I'm not part of this fandom but I ship it goddamnit

America, France and England

America, France and England from Hetalia Axis Powers. America is trying to help cure England's cold. His method is out of this world, ne? This is funny, ne?

I love China's lines so much!!!

APH China English Dub So true china does get some of the best lines <----- Yeahhhh XD. Pretty sure I already posted something like this, but there are more lines this time of these are amazing, I can't believe i forgot "it is a matter of gay or death"