Test your Wildcat skills with a High School Musical who said what quiz!

High School Musical: Who Said What Quiz!

Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Monique Coleman, and Corbin Bleu from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! #HighSchoolMusical #HighSchoolMusical2 #HighSchoolMusical3

20 of the Best 'High School Musical' Memes Ever

The cast of High School Musical why would you not love High School Musical

The film High School musical is a loose adaptation of the Pyramus and Thisbe story. In the movie, two unlikely teenagers from differing families fall in love and perform a musical, even though their families seem to be against it.

High School Musical 3. don't hate me but,   i love these movies. i <3 musicals!!!!!

20 of the Best 'High School Musical' Memes Ever

"Stress level: Troy choosing between singing and basketball."

51 Pics Guaranteed To Make "High School Musical" Fans Laugh

Just watched these again and I have to ask..do these kind of boys even exist?

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