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Modern Indian miniature. Alexander Gorlizki, a British native opened a studio in Jaipur, India with Riyaz Uddin, a master painter called Riyaz Design. Gorlizki draws out subjects, icons, and patterns that Uddin then paints with with a single hair-tipped brush.


Young Prince with Brands on his Arm Iran, Isfahan, ca. 1630 “This drawing was signed by Riza-i Abbasi, the most influential Persian artist during the reign of Shah Abbas and throughout the 17th century. The young man with the round chin – identified as Prince Kamran Shah Hindi – is a good example of the ideals of a new era. Album leaves with charming but slightly decadent courtiers seem to have dominated the artistic scene, supplemented by portraits of Sufis, wrestlers, and other personage


Dilara Yarci illumination works in progression, via the artist's tumblr.