Are you a lion-hearted Gryffindor, or do your loyalties lie with the dark side? It's time to don the sorting hat and face your destiny...

Which Harry Potter House Should You Actually Be In?

Can I determine which Hogwarts House you should be in by the modern treats and wizard's sweets you pick? CAUTION: This quiz may make you hungry!

Hogwarts Silhouette Painting  Print from by TheColorfulCatStudio

Hogwarts Painting - Print from Original Watercolor Painting, "Hogwarts Silhouette", Harry Potter, Hogwarts Castle, Wizarding School

Harry Potter & the Hogwarts Staff Infographic - From Dumbledore to Firenze

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Staff [Infographic]

I knowed that but its soo funny how six of the years tje subject is DADA and the seventh year just DA😂😂😂😂Yeah I know it isnt cool but guys.

Wow! My first thought was this is cool and then I wanted to know why all the classes aren't the same length of time. I'm such a Ravenclaw.

Welcome Back To Hogwarts!

Welcome Back To Hogwarts! - Even wizards have to go back to school. September is the traditional start date for Hogwarts students. Please see the attached literature to familiarize yourself with the new term.

Hogwarts Secret Passageways Infographic | Pottermore

Secret Passageways Infographic - not strictly Marauders but i think this is brilliant.

I saw a 'Hogwarts' wifi name, I was sure I can unlock it so I wrote 'alohomora' I was right

Someone from Oradea, Bihor, RO posted a whisper, which reads "I saw a 'Hogwarts' wifi name, I was sure I can unlock it so I wrote 'alohomora' I was right"