Yea I can judge all I want your pitiful to even except being the other woman you whore

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To all you wanna be home wreckers out there.. You can try but ya can't have my life or my kids! And claiming to be religious doesn't make you a good person!

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GWA... The storm is coming you will be called out!!! HOME WRECKER

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& you make it so obvious...

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home wrecker quotes with pics | Probably won't be the home wrecker herself but karma never lets down ...

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That is a great comeback for people :D Obviously it is not towards you :D

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What kind of a mother teaches her daughter or son that it is ok to be the other ... or the cheater and be proud of it with showing it off ?????? Shame on you all.

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If you are trying to ruin other peoples relationship, don’t forget one day your most treasured relationship will be ruined in the same way. KARMA!

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He was clearly taken. You did not "save" him from anything. You bought his lies. What a fool.So now, and forever, you will be known as a homewrecker. A thief. A trashy skank.

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