Die besten Howard Wolowitz Memes und Witze

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The Big Bang Theory - hihi such a funny comedy! ♥

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Hahaha, this pick up line might actually work on me, if he's smart and funny enough to come up with this, lol!

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Haha, aww intelligent (yet corny) pick-up lines ^_^

Haha, aww intelligent (yet corny) pick-up lines ^_^

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big bang theory - Simon Helberg - Howard Wolowitz; Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper; Penny - Kaley Cuoco, Raj Koothrapalli - Kunal Nyyar and Leonard Hofstadter - Johnny Galecki

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Howard Wolowitz (tbbt,howard,howard wolowitz,funny,quotes,big bang theory,humor)

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He knows that some people simply aren’t smart enough. | 15 Reasons Howard Wolowitz Is The Real Star Of “The Big Bang Theory”

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Oh Howie, a star, it's beautiful. Put it on me. Ok but I'm gonna have to take it back from you, so i can take it with me to the International Space Station. That way when I come home, you'll have a star that was actually in space.

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Caricatures of Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrappali Source: https://www.facebook.com/josep.sole.52

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