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English Bulldog, If it wasn't for the breath I'd get one. They're so freaking sweet.

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Bulldog Puppy Micro ::: Visit our poster store

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Bulldog puppy! This will definitely be the first dog I get when I'm on my own. So in love with this breed!

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OMG I NEED ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS!!! no idea what english they mixed with this pup but he is tooooo pretty!

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'Charity by Design - Prints of Love' Expandable Wire Bangle

Maximums HE LOOKS SO HAPPY!!! Baby deserves to be happy with a face like that!!

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19 Faces Everyone Who Is Eternally Exhausted Will Recognize

They'll sleep anywhere-literally. One of the many things that makes us love…

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Lilac english bulldog puppy with clear blue eyes... I NEED IT!!!

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As a bulldog owner how can i not like this? Very very sweet. Wrinkled cuteness. #Bulldog #puppy ♥♥♥ this cute lil face

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English Bulldog puppy. Cutest thing ever. as my personal, I think he dressing seem like want to party

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10 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart

A dog is a man's best friend and bulldog's a Britons'. Do we need more excuses to coo at these doggies?

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English Bulldog whatthefeesh

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Playful English Bulldog Puppies

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Ummmm...yeah, I'll have this one too. TIA

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A..DOR...A...BULLY ! More

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Top 12 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat!

English Bulldog

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Cutest tush ever? "Tank Looking Back" by saejro, via Flickr (Apparently, this little guy was 5.5 weeks old back in Aug. 2010 when this photo was taken.)

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chillin out is down to a fine art..

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Kylie and Tyga's puppy Rolly! Such a cute english bulldog.

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