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All of these are true!!! More

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especially "knows a topic well, but can't explain it at all." i may be the smartest in the class, but i never raise my hand to say things because i will say it wrong 100% guaranteed

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Meat snacks is the most accurate thing I've ever read.

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INTP Board — Your INTP unit User Guide and Manual

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I've had the some tabs open for months because I was too lazy to read the information

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All too true. INTP was the first type I got and I always read other descriptions and think, "That's me, too." Maybe I'm not totally one, but this is still my primary.

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Six tips for your INTP. Basically how to care for yours. Haha too true

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Stuff INTPs say | I seriously say all of these all the time! With the exception of the cyborg one.

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so true, always looking for new tests I haven't encountered before.

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oh my. too much truth. ouch. intp<<< So much truth, but I'm laughing so hard... duck on cocaine omg ^^^same!

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