Jackson browne

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500 Greatest Albums of All Time: Jackson Browne, 'The Pretender' | Rolling Stone

500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Jackson Browne - this heart and mind that write such amazing songs
Jackson Browne ---Photo courtesy Linda Fassler
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty.   One of the most perfect albums I've every listened to.  "Stay", "Running on Empty" and the beautiful "Rosie"

#157 Jackson Browne – Running On Empty (1977)

Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes    Lyrics:    Doctor, my eyes have seen the years  And the slow parade of fears without crying  Now I want to understand    I have done all that I could  To see the evil and the good without hiding  You must help me if you can    Doctor, my eyes  Tell me what is wrong  Was I unwise to leave them open for so long    'Cause I have ...
Whoa, he looks so rad
JD Souther & Jackson Browne