That moment when u realize they're not kids anymore.

That moment when u realize they're not kids anymore. >>>>>I love them no matter what the age.


Niall Horan Imagines - #Random Imagine

I think we all need this pic of Niall . - It's hard to pick a favorite picture of Niall, but this is definitely one of them.

Niall James Horan ❤️

Niall James Horan ❤️

Mrs. Niall James Horan! <3 Why let me go cry in a  corner for the rest of my life.

Niall Horan imagine <<< but if you've only known him 10 years, since you were that makes you a 15 year old fiancee living in an apartment already. Cute imagine though

I don't know about you, but hearing Niall say that makes me want to roll up into the fetal position and cry my little heart out. Mainly because I do this but the difference is Niall is beautiful and saved my life ♡ I would let you know this everyday babe, love you, & don't think anything less of beautiful about yourself!

Don't even think that you are ugly! Because you are not! You are the most beautiful person in the whole world and I love you so much!

I will always love my Nialler, every part of him, even the part that does not love me back

I luv by heartpersonality not by how rich u r or cute but niall is perfect no matter what .I love u Niall forever though u don't know me but I still luv u more then anything ♥♥♥

Niall, My Sweet Teddy Bear.

The last pic of Niall wearing glasses on my board Niall James Horan the new pics of Niall wearing glasses will be on the board Niall Horan Wearing Glasses

I...I literally don't know what to say,  it's just to much!! He's in a suit and tie and everything!!

you are smoking hot. you look like a rich white kid, but smoking hot