Jeff dunham

Jeff Dunham.. I am pretty sure this dude has some sort of mental illness manifesting through puppets.
Jeff Dunham.  (Lol)
Be read that in his voice, didn't you?
Grumpy Cat vs. Walter ..... Jeff dunham! Great comedian!
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Jeff Dunham's Jose Jalapeno ... on a stick.
You read this right if you said it in peanuts voice
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Achmed the Dead Terrorist, "Jingle Bombs" ~ Jeff Dunham is the ONLY funny comedian I've ever seen!
Jeff Dunham and Achmed.JPG
Jeff Dunham and Walter.
Love Achmed, and Jeff Dunham!
walter from jeff dunham
Achmed The Dead Terrorist! <3 :-D
jeff dunham achmed infedel. I have got to see his act live!!!