Madness is like gravity... All it takes is a little push!

Recently watched all three of the Batman movies with Christian Bale and they are my favourite movies in the world! Love batman, but I also love the joker. I used to always hate the joker, but after re-watching the Dark Knight with a more open mind, I lear

I love Bruce Timm's art! He did a fantastic job with Batman!

The Batman vs. Joker dynamic explained in one panel. Batman: Gotham Adventures #1 p.33

This is why The Joker will never truly kill Batman. He would be lost and deeply depressed.

Robins alternate earth where dick becomes a talon, Jason becomes a priest, Tim becomes the joker and Damian becomes batman

Robins alternate earth where dick become a talon, Jason become a priest, Tim become the joker and Damian become batman

Arkham Origins Joker

It's the Joker Poster from the popular Batman Arkham Game. Check out all of these Batman Arkham posters for sale which also includes this one.

Faces of Heath ledger.. Joker. ...#{TRL}

The best Joker. The faces of Heath ledger. The Joker from The Dark Knight

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