Josh Lucas To Co-Star In NBC’s ‘The Mysteries Of Laura’

Josh Lucas To Co-Star In NBC’s ‘The Mysteries Of Laura’

7/4/14  11:33p  Josh Lucas  Smirky  Grin
Its going to be ruff: The Sweet Home Alabama star has plenty of sleepless nights ahead

Setting up a sweet home together! Josh Lucas becomes father for the first time with wife

Josh Lucas and the australian kelpie from the movie Red Dog.

RescateCaninoPatagoniaArgentina-Pelicula "Red Dog"

josh lucas. sweet home alabama. my favorite.
Josh Lucas. Most sexy voice ever.
Josh Lucas aka Jake Perry (sweet home Alabama)
Sweet home Alabama
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Josh Lucas, in Mr. Porter Journal.  Very handsome with the earth tones. Very well thought out!  Way to go, you sexy devil!
Josh Lucas. The missing link between Cole Hauser and.. Crap. I just forgot his name... Will get back to you on this...
@Sheri S - Josh Lucas, applicant for sexy men september!

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