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3" of rain today & permaculture swales caught a lot of water. #permaculture #cedarhouseinn

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14 stunning images of the world's most beautiful airports

While many airports are soulless, oxygen-free, grey shopping centres with planes attached, there are those that are as beautiful as any sun-drenched beach holiday. If you happen to pass through any of the airports below, take a good look around you either side of the security barriers.

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Yaşadığı talihsiz olaylar sonucunda Güzel Köy'e yerleşmek zorunda kalan Gül isimli bir kızın hikayesini anlatan Star Tv'nin sevilen dizisi Güzel Köylü seyircileri ekran başına kilitlemeye devam ediyor.

Permaculture Swales

Permaculture Swales | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook- cover crop of nitrogen fixers showing the nodules

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Swales: The Permaculture Element That Really "Holds Water" Permaculture Forums, Permaculture Courses, Permaculture Information & News

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How to Build a Swale on Contour Successfully - The Permaculture Research Institute

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Permaculture Tip of the Day - Mediterranean Tree Guilds That Work! - School of Permaculture

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Pinned mainly for the idea of trimming back an evergreen for a living post in the garden... but it has me interested in the rest of the videos! This video is a part of Midwest Permaculture's Free Internet Webinar Series. It is one of eighteen segments from the first webinar of the Foundations of Perm...

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