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Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

And if you're not in my life it's because I don't want you in it.

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How To Easily Clean Dirty Water Before Ceramic Filtering — When you’re in a survival situation, water supply is crucial since we can’t live very long without it. There are some portable filters you can use in this situation, but not all of them are suitable for large quantities of water.

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Till the hard times come we drift in a haze once you hit rock bottom your eyes open and you climb the ladder of life and raise youself back up

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Lock Picking For The Survivalist [Infographic]

Is your front door really secure? Learn the basics of lock picking with this infographic and test your own locks to see how secure they really are... Every skill or splinter of knowledge we ever acquire brings with it an unexpected enlightenment. An unseen side of things that are only carried to light through the lens of that knowledge and sometimes these new perspectives can be alerting or even frightening. I would like to share with you an enlightenment I had almost 8 years ago that…

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The Wolf needs no aid after that...

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What to grow to survive an apocalypse [infographic]

What to grow to survive an apocalypse [infographic]

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Don't judge me. You only know my face - not my story. From

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