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Türk Selçuklu Seramik Tabak. 12-13.yy..Gök At. Atın kuyruğu Türk Usulü Düğümlü. Etrafında Selçukluya özgü Kadın başlı Sfenksler.


I am a girl down to the T! You will hardly ever catch me in pants, only skirts and dresses. I just feel most comfortable in pink and a strong feminine style. I think this is because my mom raised me like this (being her only daughter!). This does NOT mean I stand for gender inequality- it's quite the opposite. I am proud of how girly girl I am and am happy for who I am.

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Chandra Finds Remarkable Galactic Ribbon Unfurled

Chandra Finds Remarkable Galactic Ribbon Unfurled - 12/21/2015 - An extraordinary ribbon of hot gas trailing behind a galaxy like a tail has been discovered using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. This ribbon, or X-ray tail, is likely due to gas stripped from the galaxy as it moves through a vast cloud of hot intergalactic gas. With a length of at least 250,000 light...


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Hızlıca Yapabileceğiniz En Şık At Kuyruğu Modelleri - Fotoğraf 1 - InStyle Türkiye