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Don't have a magnetic space in your classroom? Try pans to create a cheap, quick magnetic place. These are also portable so if you want to discuss attendance on the carpet you can easily transport it!

Bueller... Bueller...? Attendance!

Interactive attendance with student photos- for the smart board
Fostering a Positive School Climate, One Bulletin Board at a Time | City Year Boston
Monthly Average Daily Attendance bulletin board
Great way to take attendance especially if you have kids who go to speech, resource, OT, gifted, etc first thing in the morning. Got it from Scholastic's "Classroom Management in Pictures".
Where are we? board.  Used for student attendance and when a student leaves the room so you always know where they are.  Also love the zebra!
Attendance and lunch count board. Time to Go Back to School Sneak Peek

Time to Go Back to School Sneak Peek

Wishes do come true...: Attendance Board
Show your school your class had Perfect Attendance! (http://www.imagestuff.com/programs/perfattend)