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Love the last sentence! "Real relationships aren't perfect, and perfect relationships aren't real."

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15 ways you can close the distance between you and your spouse during a fight. These phrases are so helpful to keep your marriage healthy!

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All couples argue. Successful couples repair. (image via Karen Salmansohn)

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not all these words apply to me, but I liked them anyhow, so I just kept them... I hate the way you look at me and your tone of voice when we fight. I hate how I have to start yelling when you stop listening. I hate how you have to make everything about you. I hate how you treat arguments like a game. I hate how I have to apologize first, even when I'm right. I hate that you always have to win. I hate how I feel when the argument is over. I hate fighting with you. ...

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If it's not worth breaking up over, then it's not worth arguing over. If you’re arguing every other day, you’re not in a relationship, you’re on a debate team. Not every concern needs to be an issue. Let the insignificant things stay that way. Tony Gaskins Jr

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Once you get past the honeymoon phase of a relationship, you might start arguing with your partner more. Here's why couples…

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"One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to cause the woman you love to feel like she can’t talk to you. “Once she feels like she can’t communicate with you, she becomes frustrated. That frustration will slowly turn into anger and resentment. The little things then become the big things. Before you know it, you’re arguing over something that, to you, seems small; but to her, it’s not the one thing, it’s the combination of all the things she feels like she can’t talk to you about. “My…

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The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships - A book for curing damaged relationships, transforming troubled relationships, and improving intimate relationships. For troubled marriages, for couples who've been arguing more than getting along, the book helps you understand each other, communicate better, and helps deepen the emotional part of the relationship.

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Why Arguing in Relationships Isn't All That Bad

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I just don't understand why we argue with each other so much, Highway trying to prove each other wrong, I'm sorry I'M SORRY I just feel unwanted sometimes And it hurts And all that painful stuff reoccurs in my head, I wish those thoughts obey and we could just start all over again, And put the past behind us, And start out slow again just as friends, You truly are very important to me, I just wish you never would have brought back all that bad Situations we went through,

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