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A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~!!! But I think it's kinda sad I can name everyone of these heartless...

A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~! Some of my favorite heartless (+some that are cute but I actually hate fighting.) A new print up for pre-order in my store ☄✨ The next con to see this irl will be Otafest ♡♡.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2,

I recently bought Kingdom Hearts and played the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ~A fragmentary passage~ game (whew! it made me cry TT_TT. If you have played it, you& kn.

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want to own these keys

Keyblades (and chakrams)

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want them all ♡ ( my kingdom key broke .

I KNOW!!! It's terrible! I'm sitting there mouthing the words to it because I can't beat a boss on Kingdom Hearts. Lol, "DERS NO WAY UR TEKEN KARIS HERT"

I could NOT BEAT RIKU! And thank goodness you could skip cutscenes in because do you know how many times I had to fight Demyx?<<< Demyx is the worst! "Dance water dance" or "like it?