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Funny Signs (16 Pics)

Funny Signs (16 Pics)

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Saturday's Fun And Aww: 'My Brother Really Needs To Get His Stuff Together...'

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no, seriously, what is going on here?

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Funny Supermarket signs. I wonder if these are real or if some person just put them up for the picture.

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Buzz and Woodie hitch a ride. Kids can take a ride with Buzz Light Year in one of our coin-op rides at the Volo Auto Museum, Volo, IL.

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The struggle is real. I'm dying hahahaha

The struggle is real. I'm dying hahahaha

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The Us And Its Strange Geography

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You know some man had to add that to the board. Do you see the additional humor here? CONTACT PINTEREST PRO BY CLICKING HERE

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics. // Some of these are dumb, but the rest of them are REALLY funny...

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