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Lake Huron Facts

Ice floats on Lake Huron during a winter sunrise near Port Hope, Michigan.


Massive Lake Found Under Bolivian Volcano. Roughly nine miles beneath Uturuncu, a dormant volcano in the Andes, the underground mass of water is between the size of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. The subterranean lake apparently contains a volume of water that's somewhere between Lake Huron (850 cubic miles) and Lake Superior (2,903 cubic miles), according to Jon Blundy, a volcano researcher and professor at the UK's University of Bristol, who was one of the study's authors.

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A charming budget-savvy island getaway on Lake Huron, Canada


Tobermory Sunrise, Bruce Peninsula, Lake Huron, Ontario

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Two-Day Getaway Along the Lake Huron Shoreline

Michigan has the longest freshwater coast in the United States, and its Lake Huron shoreline invites adventure-seekers to lose themselves in maritime exploits: #michigan #vacation #lakehuron #greatlakes

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Lake Huron

Lake Huron Locale: Michigan & Ontario Techniques: Laser-cut wood map Originally appeared on Below the Boat


great lake beach pictures | Lake Huron Canada - Georgian bay Lake Huron - Manitoulin Island