Legend of Korra: The first and the last words...<< this just made me so emotional! such a fantastic series!

First & last words of LOK. You may now do the thing.doing the thing, means cry. I will cry bc I want so much more Avatar.

Avatar: Legend of Korra ultimate fanart collection (2)

armlet avatar: the last airbender black hair blue eyes bolin (avatar) brothers brown hair dark skin fire green eyes hair tubes highres korra legend of korra long hair mako (avatar) multiple boys naga (avatar) pabu pabu (avatar) ponytail red pan

Avatar the last Airbender + The Legend of Korra villains

Well the 100 year war supposedly started because the Fire Lord at the time wanted to spread the wealth of the Fire Nation

"The Legend Of Korra" Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray Announced, New Artwork Revealed

"The Legend Of Korra" Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray Announced