this has got son & dad christmas holiday activity written ALL over it - just need to make Santa prints out the instructions and wraps them around a bag of m&m's!

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

building instructions on
BrickSafe - msx's LEGO Pages
Boys room ideas: I was originally looking for a train table...but this is pretty cool!

82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn

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Balloon Powered LEGO Car:
Easy LEGO Fidget Spinner DIY! Here's a fun summer kids craft activity! We spread a big blanket on the ground and then piled all our Lego pieces on it.  I told my kids I wanted each of them to build a fidget spinner.  It took us a couple hours...lots of sifting and sorting through pieces to find the ones we needed.
TLCB favourite _Tiler is back, and he's built probably the coolest 6-wide* vehicle we've ever seen. Ever. His glorious '67 Camaro can be found in more detail on Flickr - click the link above to mak...