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'Grey's Anatomy' Exits gallery

'Grey's Anatomy': How 10 Characters/Actors Exited the Show | Dr. Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) |


Lexie: Lexie Grey. I'm your sister. Meredith: You're not a girl I ever wanted to have to know. Lexie: I still love you, whether you are capable of letting me or not. Meredith: I do know what it's like to have a sister. And it's good. You're not crazy, Lexie. You're a Grey. Lexie: Tell Meredith that I love her and that she was a good sister. Lexie and Meredith; Grey's Anatomy quotes


I will never forget how sad it was when Lexie died. R.I.P.


(Fc Chyler Leigh/Lexie Grey) Hey I'm Lexie. I'm 17 and single. I love sports, as you may be able to tell. I am also a smart-alic though. I'm studying to become a neuro surgeon. I know it sounds complicated. But I love making people feel better. Whether it's dealing with emotional stuff, or having to bandage up a bruise, or stitch up a cut. Yeah, uhh, that's it, come say hi, I don't bite! Wait, one more thing, but this is a secret, I'm anorexic.....shhh don't tell Derek though. Oh yeah and…


Oh lexie hahaha the second to the last one! Hahahahahaha

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