"My whole family is in orthotics and prosthetics, so I grew up having to check for scoliosis every week. 'Come over. Let me feel your spine.' -Logan Lerman

Hipsters wearing Christmas sweaters, here with Logan Lerman as a visual aid. And if you haven't seen "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", in which this young man appears, just do it already.

I chose Logan Lerman to play the chesire cat. His personality is very charming and kind. The cat is very playful in my vision of the play and really helps alice on her adventure. I think logan would be a great fit for this roll. It was mainly his acting that led me to choosing him. The chesire cat needed to be someone who had great acting such as logan.

Logan Lerman is DA MAN!HD Wallpaper and background photos of Logan Lerman is DA MAN! for fans of Logan Lerman images.