Love my son

Yes yes yes all the time and my babies are grown with babies of their own and i still feel this way and with my grandbabies too---Austin ❤ Aundre ❤ and someday, when we're blessed again, our next baby ❤

A blessing daily in my life is my son...God gave us the greatest gift of all when he allowed me to be your Mother... My sweet son... I love you...

A blessing daily in my life is my son.God gave us the greatest gift of all when he allowed me to be your Mother. My sweet son.

Love my son he gets all of his looks from his mommy!

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Couldn't have said it better.... watched my AJ play ball this past weekend and was amazed by his talent, how much he has grown both physically and as a person!

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To my boys!! Your mommy is always your biggest fan!

My Wish for My Son — I Love You

For my daughter, i love you babygirl your the best thing that ever happened to me ive learned to love a love a never knew til you were placed in my arms. I LOVE YOU!

Can't resist this! One Favorite memory,  holding my sons when they were grown, one at a time, rocking them as I read this book to each one. It was a tradition at Christmas, one they were never embarassed by. They never outgrow Mama. I'll treasure memories of my 6' 2" Robbie in my lap, purring like a kitten ♥♥♥ MAMAS HOLD YOUR CHILDREN (DH)

Mother's love for her children! I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby. Mother quotes for mother's love. Mother to daughter quotes