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Just in case!!   So many vets don't even know this company exists.  Please share with your friends so they can help their pets if an injury arises.
➤ See the best Facebook fan page for Pinterest Humor! #funny
Some drugs prescribed for Parkinson's disease are responsible for long-term adverse effects. For natural therapies for Parkinson’s disease, see this...

Natural therapies for Parkinson's disease (infographic)

This was the scariest scene, and no matter how many times Butch had seen the movie he couldn't bring himself to watch this part.
Put a glob of glitter polish in the corner & pull through with a toothpick #nails
...You just took orders from a rock!
Wintertime running is an evil necessity for anyone who doesn't want to lose their hard-earned progress from the warmer months. It also falls right around New Year's, when runners and non-runners alike are setting new fitness goals, many of which involve getting outside and moving. But as the temperatures plummet, the cold air can be unforgiving to a runner's body.

What Happens to Your Body During a Winter Run

70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids - perfect DIY toys for a child's birthday, Christmas or any day.

70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids

I feel like this is a How many goofs does it take to screw in a lightbulb kind of picture ❤️