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Gatiss sneak attack (gif). - This never stops being adorable. << hahaha awkward HIS SMILE.

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When I watched this video, I learned how to correctly pronounce his name. It's not Gatiss, it's pronounced G-A-tiss. You actually say the "a".....

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Fill in the blanks with Mark Gatiss. "I love Mark Gatiss, he's so __________" Mark: "Sexy?" - "Creepy". Mark: "Oh." Hahaha, poor Mark.

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The awkward moment when Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss came third in a Doctor Who pub quiz

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Comic-Con 2016 Star Portraits: Day 3

Comic-Con 2016 Star Portraits: Day 3 | Mark Gatiss and Amanda Abbington 'Sherlock' |

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Mark Gatiss is the biggest shipper of Johnlock ever in the universe and he writes the show, that means he's in a place of ultimate power, and that scares me. I'm going to say something I never thought would make any sense. Save us, Steven Moffat. Save us from the maniacal writing of Mark Gatiss.

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This was at the Indian comic-con! I remember meeting him. It was awesome.

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Mark Gatiss is one of my heroes!!! He's so great and evil ^^

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It's not real... Can we just talk about MG giving an interview whilst sitting cross legged on a table?

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