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13 incredible facts about your eyes - 9GAG

13 incredible facts about your eyes - 9GAG

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I have been asked if I have silver or blue or gray and sometimes bule and green eyes

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Blue eyes vs dark eyes - WTF fun facts

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People with Black Eyes Facts | Did You Know That Blue-Eyed People Can All Be Traced Back To ….

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I do see well in the dark, or at least i think i do

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This is too accurate...except I don't think I'm caring enough...but people have told me these things before

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About 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes! And of course blue eyes are my favorite! Explains ALOT!

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Blue Eye Swag! xD This is actually true. My friends mostly have brown eyes and they are always saying they want my eyes. xD

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I have heterochromia iridum so I have one eye that switches from green to blue and one eye that's brown

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