Weather Underground presents "Hurricane Formation" in the North Atlantic. - Earth and Environmental Science, Meteorology

Unit 4 Weather Underground presents "Hurricane Formation" in the North Atlantic. Forecasts predicted that the 2013 hurricane season would be an active one, b

FREE Cloud Guide~  Quick reference for your students to use for identifying and pronouncing cloud types.

Cloud spotting guide from the British Met Office Use our cloud spotting guide and video to help identify different types of clouds in the sky. To assist with identifying different clouds while clo…

Find out the incredibly cool science behind rainbows!⎜Infographic by Weather Underground⎜For more infographics, visit

Who discovered the science behind rainbows? Why do two rainbows occasionally develop? All your rainbow questions answered here in the rainbows infographic by Weather Underground.

Intense Cloud!

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Drought Infographic :: All about the recent U.S. drought and what to expect. Really handy for understanding the drought in California and the southwest.   From Weather Underground

Concept Mapping to write a literature review

is under drought conditions? What are the various levels of drought and what do they mean? Is there a global drought problem? How does climate change play a role in the drought story? The drought.

How is a Wave formed? Infographic

When the wind comes in contact with the surface water, there is friction between air molecules and water molecules. The energy from the wind is transf

coriolis effect infographic - Google Search

An effect whereby a mass moving in a rotating system experiences a force acting perpendicular to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation. Clue~caused by earth rotation

Science - Meteorology - Interactive Word Wall Activity - NO PREP

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