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10 Endangered Species Who Really Need Our Support This Year - For more on ways to help ensure these species survive and how to help the organizations working to protect them, check out the Endangered Species Coalition, and read out the full report, Removing the Walls to Recovery: Top 10 Species Priorities for a New Administration.

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The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World

The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World

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The silver fox is one of many endangered species in Canada.The silver fox is a melanistic form of red fox. Silver foxes display a great deal of pelt variation: some are completely black except for a white coloration on the tip of the tail, some are bluish-grey, and some may have a different color on the sides.

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The Shoebill Stork is one of the worlds more endangered species and is actually considered one of the worlds ugliest animals next to the Wildebeest. People have clearly never delved deeply enough into the species of the sea to think this bird one of the ugliest animals on earth.

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Which U.S. states have the most endangered species? [Infographic]

Which U.S. states have the most endangered species? [Infographic] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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Sunda Flying Lemur, an Endangered Species, threatened by massive habitat destruction in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Baby bongo and mother. A highly endangered species, there are now more bongos in captivity than in the wild.

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Top 10 Endangered Species. There are only 30 known Amur Leopards currently alive.

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The Endangered Species in Latin America #Infographic

The Endangered Species in Latin America #Infographic #Animals #America

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The mass extinction of cheetahs has been ignored for far too long. We must add this majestic creature to the list of endangered animals now before they are gone forever. Sign this petition to ask that cheetahs be added to the endangered species list so they can receive the protections they so desperately need.

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