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Kadınların onlara iltifat edilmesinden hoşlandığını bilmeyen yoktur herhalde. Sevgilinize en iyi sevgili sertifikası yaptırarak aşkınıza ne kadar değer verdiğinizi ona gösterin..

Israeli and Palestinian families mourn those who died just miles apart

*** No words needed, just the look of horror on their faces is enough. Since a troll attempted to call this "filthy propaganda", IT'S NOT! Relatives of the boys killed on the beach by Israeli forces. SOURCES: and ♔♛✤΂ɂтۃ؃؍ӑÑБՑ֘˜ǘȘɘИҘԘܘ࠘ŘƘǘʘИјؙYÙř ș̙͙ΙϙЙљҙәٙۙęΚZʚ˚͚̚ΚϚКњҚӚԚ՛ݛޛߛʛݝНѝҝӞ۟ϟПҟӟ٠ąतभम

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Ahmet Hakan ne güzel özetlemiş durumu. Atatürk'e olmadık hakaretler edenler, oldu olacak Erdoğan'ı koruma kanunu çıkartsınlar. Ahmet Hakan bunu seçimlerden önce dedi, ne dersiniz, şimdi çıkartılar mı? Eh o kadar eşek değillerdir, bu saatten sonra çıkartırlar demi?!

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O ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: it may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): nor let some women laugh at others: it may be that the (latter are better than the (former): nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: and those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong. HOLY QURAN 49 - The Chambers -11.

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How to Annotate Text: Moving Beyond the three step swedish method

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Teaching Students to Be Better Annotators Poster and Infographic

Education Infographic: Teaching Students How to Annotate #weareteachers

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Teacher Step 6: Read text aloud to students while annotating (third reading)

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Anchor chart write in the margins

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Teach middle school and high school students to annotate text digitally. 21st Century Learning Skills.

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Paula Naugle on

annotating text during a close read anchor chart

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Introducing Text Annotation Using the Gradual Release Process

Students can struggle with reading for a variety of reasons: rich vocabulary, lack of background knowledge, the author's writing style. To scaffold difficult texts, teach students to annotate through the gradual release process.

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Teaching annotation from Catlin Tucker's education blog, "Common Core: Reading, Understanding, Analyzing Complex Texts."

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Annotating Text in a Blended Classroom

Annotating Text in a Blended Classroom I did a guest blog post on a blog called Technology Tools for Teachers If you use Google Drive with your students or for your own use you may want to share pdf files or webpages with your students for them to read. In a traditional paper and pencil face to face classroom we spend a lot of time teaching students to annotate text. This is a skill that we dont want to lose when students read online. There is extensive evidence about the importance of a...

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One of my teachers in high school taught us something similar to this. Good way to teach students to think analytically about texts

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Analyzing Informational Text Using Manila Folders & Annotation Stations

Analyzing Informational Text | Grades 7-12 | Works with ANY non-fiction text

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Close Reading & the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts

The goal of close reading is to gradually release responsibility to students, a shift from the teacher modeling close reading strategies to students employing strategies independently. The role of the teacher is to make these strategies visible to students through thinking aloud, modeling, and posting anchor charts for reference. In this article are some strategies that set the stage for students to interact with a text through an independent analysis and group discussion with peers.

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When to annotate a text anchor chart

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Help your high school students sharpen the close reading skills they need with this FREE handout. #highschoolEnglish

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Annotation for Smarties – 5 Tips for Teaching Students Active Reading and Critical Thinking - AP LIT HELP

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Annotating Text Made Easy - CCSS aligned

Teach your middle and high school students all about annotating a text with this CCSS aligned annotation lesson for informational text.

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Close Reading: Halloween Classics - No Prep Activities and Resources

Close Reading: Halloween Classics More

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Close reading annotations anchor chart

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