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Doctor Who. One of the Eleventh Doctor's best quotes. "In 900 years of time and…

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The Doctor's wisdom

You see what I mean when I say that eleven is the best doctor.......he can make you feel like you're in there with him.....he makes you CARE. And that is a incredible thing

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And this picture right here sums up why the choice of my favorite doctor is constantly changing.

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Here, a reason of many why I will miss Matt terribly. This gesture is perfectly that of the little boy who loses something precious. Sure he’s not a boy, but what I love about Eleven/the Doctor is that there are so many elements of a child in him. After all he’s somewhere around a thousand years old. He’s dealt with so many joys and so many pains. Bound to make you kind of backwards forwards, right? But it’s the actor who totally goes deep inside and recalls being the child …

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The Eleventh Doctor <3

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#doctorwho #mattsmith

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Makes sense, considering how old Eleven actually is. And how much he has seen and done in his lifetime.

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First And Last Words

His final words make me cry so much because they are so true and beautiful. I will miss him terribly.

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Visit for an all new adventure featuring Matt Smith!!

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