One Direction Preference- The candy he buys you | Harry's is actually my favorite candy.......!!!!!!!!!

One Direction Preference- The candy he buys you Liams and Zayns are my favorite flavors

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ONE DIRECTION! That scary mad girl scared me when I was little because my brother was playing that maze and it popped out and scared me

I'm with Niall I don't workout

Bahaha I was a bit hesitant of this one, and then I read Nialls (who happens to be my favorite) and thought SCORE!

I love Louise's.His case is so cute.I love that movie so much it was so cute.I ❤ all of theses cases and all of the movies.This is so cray cray!

One Direction Preference - matching phone cases HARRY HARRY HARRY oh my goodness I love Harry's! I love that movie>>>>I love Nialls!

aww Louis is gonna sign our wedding certificate with his little smiley face and I'm gonna die

{GIF} One Direction has signed this board your argument is invalid! Lou is the quickest and Niall takes the longest

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One Direction Preferences - Your Brother Is Famous