The State Opera House, Vienna.

The State Opera House, Vienna. Our first live opera, La Fanciulla Del West was seen here, looking at this photo it is looking at where we sat, the first level above Orchestra section and almost center.

Théâtre de Prague, République tchèque

When the crowds have left the opera, their grandeur is revealed. Here are stunning opera houses — both historic and contemporary — from around the world.

Beautiful Opera Houses Including Teatro alla Scala Milan, Royal Opera House…

14 Opera Houses That Exude Radiant Old-World Charm

Interior of the Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest, Hungry. This neo-Renaissance building, inaugurated in 1884 is just majestic in it's appearance.

Opera House in Bayreuth - Germany - new UNESCO world heritage site jetzt neu! ->. . . . . der Blog für den Gentleman.viele interessante Beiträge -

Margravial Opera House: Germany’s Newest UNESCO World Heritage Site

German Missions in the United Kingdom - World Heritage sites × por imágenes Enlarge image Margravial Opera House Bayreuth interior (© DZT/ Bavarian Department for State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes)

Opéra, Valencia, Espagne#L'opéra a été conçu par l'architecte Santiago Calatrava Valls. Connu aussi sous le nom de Palais des Arts Reine Sofía, il s'inscrit dans un style architectural futuriste. Composé de plusieurs plateformes liées par des escaliers, il rappelle tantôt un coquillage gigantesque, tantôt une plume érigée vers le ciel. L'opéra peut accueillir plus de 15000 personnes autour de 4 axes : la musique, l’opéra, le ballet et le théâtre.#Ornormes#32,4,7

The Valencia Opera House (Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts) Spain by architect Santiago Calatrava (photo by Eric Rousset)

Budapest, Hungary Travel - Top places to see and things to do on a three-day itinerary in Budapest. Some of the best things to do include walking over the Chain Bridge, going to the thermal baths, seeing the Parliament, Opera House and more included in this article:

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State Opera House. Budapest. Hungary One of the most beautiful opera houses I have ever been to.  Saw La Boheme 25 Dec 2012.  Highly recommendable.

Hungary One of the most beautiful opera houses I have ever been to. Saw La Boheme 25 Dec Highly recommendable.