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Origami Owl Necklace Lengths I would LOVE to be your Origami Owl® mentor - Origami Owl - Shirley Willis

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For your bridesmaids and flower girl. I'll design them for you to match the dresses and your bridesmaids' personalities too! You have enough on your mind!

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You have to tell ALL your nurse friends that Origami Owl has a break-away clasp! Tell her: "You can wear your lanyards in a way that is YOU!

Do you ever wonder how many adorable charms will fit comfortably in each different Living Locket from Origami Owl? It truly depends on the size of the individual charms. However, this is a great guide. Feel free to email me or message me any questions. carissasstory@hotmail.com  The possibilities are endless! http://carissasstory.origamiowl.com

There's a locket for everyone! Use this useful guide to help you select the perfect locket for yourself!

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Origami Owl is a leading custom jewelry company known for telling stories through our signature Living Lockets, personalized charms, and other products.

The fresh and creative range of expression with the new Bee Charm from Origami Owl!

The fresh and creative range of expression with the new Bee Charm from Origami Owl!

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Check out Origami Owl's Force for Good Charms. Origami Owl donates of the net profit to these great causes from each charm sold!