Pallet Projects and Tips for Dismantling Pallets

My-Repurposed-Life-Dismantle-a-pallet. Wow, I am going to get myself one of these Duckbill Deck Reckers! This short video is really something!

Check out how to make an easy DIY Pallet Board Sign for farmhouse decor @istandarddesign

17 Fab DIY Farmhouse Signs You Can Make Yourself

Check out how to make an easy DIY Pallet Board Sign for farmhouse decor

Check out this Instructable and Youtube Video about how to make a Herring Bone Patterned bench from pallet wood!This project is easy and only requires a few tools: a circular saw, drill, chalk line, and nailgun.You can make many different patterns on the top of the bench, the design I chose was the Herring bone or fish bone style pattern. This chevron pattern has the top pallet board slats angled at 45 degrees and it then patterned on the remaining length of the bench. The bench is…

DIY Herring Bone Patterned Pallet Bench!

Rustic nautical pallet board art,  ocean signs, nautical decor, pallet board art, pallet board home decor, beach decor, photo prop, by EdisonAvenue on Etsy

Based on to which extent you prefer to light the restroom, you can choose the lighting fixtures. By utilizing some sensible decorating methods, you can make a luxurious looking bathroom.

Leuk zelfmaak idee. Misschien wel een licht gele kleur geven. Anders wordt het zo donker in de slaapkamer

If the idea is to build some DIY Bathroom Pallet Projects, you're in the exact right place. Embrace the catalog of what to make with pallets.

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Portsmouth Crate Trays with Rope Handles 14-1/2", 17-3/4" Set of 2----  wonder if I can DIY these and use them as shelves in my gallery wall??? I bet I could!

Portsmouth Crate Trays with Rope Handles|Set of 2

These Portsmouth Crate Trays with Rope Handles uniquely accent your shabby chic décor, or simple beach cottage. Use this set as magazine tr. 640x 2f d8 67 2fd867e4373d008afe94aa03dae8adf4.jpg

Unique Rustic Door - Irregular offcuts of narrow boards are staggered to create a one-of-a-kind door, solid at the bottom to withstand heavy abuse by pets and screened at the top for visibility and air-flow.