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Owl Design                                                                                                                                                                                 Más
This lovely little barn owl is superbly accented with watercolor style fill. Barn owls are the most widespread species of owl in the world and are easily recognizable by their heart-shaped snowy white face.

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Original Oil Painting Celestial Owl by patriciabirkholz on Etsy

Original Oil Painting "Celestial Owl"

Amazing wildlife - Barn Owl photo #owls

Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl

Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one. - Jareth, The Labyrinth.
birds nature england owls barn owl
ORIGINAL  Barn Owl Charcoal Drawing  11x14 by JaclynsStudio

ORIGINAL Barn Owl Charcoal Drawing - 11"x14", Barn Owl Art, Owl Drawing, Owl Sketch, Barn Owl Decor

Ezra Tucker - Barn Owl
Karl Martens
An Australian Barn owl and Tawny Frogmouth. Yin and Yang with a twist!
: Barn Owl : by on @deviantART
ORIGINAL  Barn Owl Charcoal Drawing  11x14 by JaclynsStudio

Charcoal Drawing ORIGINAL 11x14, Barn Owl Art, Owl Sketch, Barn Owl Drawing, Charcoal Owl, Pencil Owl, Original Art

Barn Owl by on @deviantART