Peter Capaldi aka The Doctor at the Women's March in London!!!

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“What I’d tell my younger self:…” (words of wisdom from Peter Capaldi)

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Peter's first read-through. I just love this guy so much already. :)

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The awkward moment when Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss came third in a Doctor Who pub quiz

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Peter Capaldi, our rock n' roll Doctor New #DoctorWho TONIGHT at 9/8c on @BBCAMERICA!

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With Fires of Pompeii they offered me the part and I didn’t even read the script and said that I just want to do this. But my wife said “No, you mustn’t. You are a professional actor. You have to read the script and see what it’s like.” David was great. He showed me the TARDIS which I found quite moving. I didn’t realise that a few years later I would be “driving” it myself. It is a very wonderful place to be.

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“I’d use a sonic screwdriver for all household problems: cleaning my gutters, unblocking the sink. I think it would be a very good remote for your telly. I spend all day working with a sonic screwdriver; I don’t really want to take it home.” Peter Capaldi on uses for a sonic screwdriver. Hot Minute.

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fafana20: “ Peter Capaldi photographed by Chris Jackson. | [x] ”

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12th Loving the new opening credits.

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Who. Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who.

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