Finn Wilkie — Peter Zumthor, Kolumba Museum, Cologne, 2007 ...

Kolumba, The Art museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne in Germany. An architecture rehab project by the nenowned swiss architect Peter Zumthor ( Pritzker prize that delicately design rises from the ruins of a Gothic church destructed during the world.

Peter Zumthor. Bruder-Klaus-Kapelle (Brother Klaus Field Chapel), Wachendorf, Eifel, Germany. Photo by Hélène Binet.

Photographs of the work of Peter Zumthor by Hélène Binet

Peter Zumthor | Shelters for Archaeological Site, 2003 Chur  Photo by Shinkenchiku-sha

Peter Zumthor - Visited 2004 Shelters for Archaeological Site - Chur Photo by Shinkenchiku-sha

Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, Norway by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois

Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, Norway by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois - Greetings Peter, Very nice pin! I make a lot of multiple image pin: For meaning with more depth. See my totems.


Alain de Botton on Living Architecture. Render of Peter Zumthor's The Secular Retreat, part of Living Architecture.

ARCHITECTURE | DETAILS | Photo Credit: Unknown. (please let me know orignal source so that I can include appropriate credit) Adore the work of #PeterZumthor. Visiting #TheThermeVals in person trully changed my life, to experience illuminating an interior with intention at its finest.

The Therme Vals / Peter Zumthor

The Kolumba Museum in Cologne, Germany by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.  Integrating new material and form with bombed-out church ruins.

Kolumba Museum - Originally the Church of St. Kolumba in Cologne, Germany this building has been transformed into the diocese's art museum, architect Peter Zumthor

Saint Benedict’s Chapel | Peter Zumthor | Pavlo Kryvozub

The Saint Benedict Chapel, located in the village of Sumvitg, Graubünden, Schweiz, by Peter Zumthor in 1988