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Beach in a Bottle Keepsake - Beach Bash Day 10

Beach keepsake


What to do with your seashells and sand you save from vacations: Buy a shadow box frame and pick a picture from vacation that you took next to the ocean. Place the sand from that beach in the shadow box, add your seashells, sand dollars, starfish, etc. and you have a cheap and easy vacation keepsake!


Show off treasures from your coastal travels - shadow box, map, shells sand. Use spray-mount to affix map to the back of the box. Fill the box with sand and shells you collected. DIY Tip: Make sure sand wont spill from the seams of the shadow box. If necessary, run a thin bead of wood glue along the seams to make it leak proof.

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The Easiest DIY Beach Keepsake

Destination wedding favors or honeymoon keepsakes | DIY Crafts: Make this easy beach keepsake with seashells, a mason jar and some chalkboard paint.

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Display Seashells from the Beach

One of the best parts of a beach vacation is searching for the perfect seashells in the ocean. But what do you do with them when you get home? Maybe you have buckets of seashells and sand in your garage left over from your latest beach beach vacations and grand plans to turn them into something amazing, but you’re just not sure where to start. Here are some of my favorite ideas for enjoying seashells and beach sand!


This is another wanderlust creation.  My love of travel can be found all around my home.  This is a super easy project and a great way to keep track of different beaches that you visit. All you nee...