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8 Plus-Size Fitness Brands You Need to Know Right Now

8 Plus-Size Fitness Brands You Need to Know Right Now - SELF

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I am often asked how I am building my booty as a plus size woman on a journey to fit. Good Mornings really target the lower back, booty, and back of legs (hamstrings) My legs are apart so it makes room for my belly apron and I straighten my legs as much as I can without locking my knees. I also push my booty back and keep my weight in my heels (HINT: if you can wiggle your toes, you got it). Keep core engaged Need to see it in action on a plus size body, click the link to see the video!

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My Plus Size Fitness Basics This seems simple enough... But do you realize 100oz of water is like one and a half Apple Juice containers. O_O !!!

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Plus Size Fitness - How to get motivated.

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Plus Size Fitness Training Plan -

This Plus Size Fitness Training Plan will help you to manage exercise no matter your size! Getting fit and healthy is more than just a losing weight!

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Running is the best way to lose weight and burn fat, no doubt, but are you putting off doing it because you think you are too fat for it? You shouldn’t hold back any more! If you’re an overweight person here is our 5 step guide to plus size running to get you started in no time!

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Learn how I modify squats as a plus size woman. When I started at over 350 lbs, I could not squat. I share tips and mindset on how to squat when my belly got in the way and how I built up my strength! Now I love working on my squat and legs!

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Tips to Do Yoga Poses for Curvy Sizes

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10 Fitspirational 'Grams from Plus-Size Models

Fitness-Inspiring Instagram Posts from Plus-Size Models | Shape Magazine

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The idea or a side plank in yoga, pilates, or PIYO was not possible when I started, however, not impossible! Building your core and booty doesn't have to happen on the floor. Using a wall or even standing up right while holding on to the back of a chair are great modifications! Check out my YouTube video as I demonstrate how I do this move as a plus size woman on a journey to fit! #modify #exercise #workout tummy

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