Creative and easy Spring poetry activity for Primary Grades.

Write a silly "Never" poem with your kids to celebrate National Poetry Month!

In the Venn diagram of my life, my “Mom” and “English teacher” lives overlapped beautifully this week when my daughter’s middle school hosted a Poetry Night. Parents were invited to join their twee...

I do this at the beginning of the year. the kids love it and its a great getting to know you writing sample! End of the Year Activity *Freebies*

Hands-On Poetry Activities for ALL Ages!

Looking for fun activities to explore the art of poetry and use it to support language learning? Try these simple and fun activities. See more in my previous posts on poetry: ICE ICE, BABY: WRITING...

Free covers for writer's notebooks (Color the pages or print on colored paper to divide notebook sections - content-area covers, too) Free!

The Best Part of Me: Positive Self-Image Poetry |

I thought this idea was rather creative. I would like to use it when covering poetry with my students.

The Best Way to Teach Poetry: Learn how to give a Poetry Slam at the end of your unit or end of year! A fun activity!

This poem starter is a great way to wrap up learning as well as to write about oneself. I've used it to wrap up Native Americans. Kids take the point of view of a culture region. For example. "I am a person of the Great Plains"

Omg this could be such a great poetry activity! Rip out pages from an old novel (pick them up cheap at used book stores) and have the students make a poem out of the words going down the page!!! Creative and fun

"I love this activity! My former students have created some beautiful poetry with this style."

Teaching With a Mountain View: The Best Anchor Chart Paper Ever & A Giveaway!

Reinforce Alliteration, discuss poetry and create a beautiful work of art! Great cross-curricular lesson plan from Creative Curriculum.

Simile poem used as basis for art project (handwritten well, illustrated, etc.)