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Poetry Activities

Hands-On Poetry Activities for ALL Ages! www.traceeorman.c...

Enjoy poetry for kids with fun activities - many cool ideas! #PeotryForKids

April is National Poetry Month, why not have your students take "selfie" shots and write "Selfie Poems!"

A quick and useful poetry structure guide! Your students will know structures and hints for 6 major types of poetry within seconds!

"I love this activity! My former students have created some beautiful poetry with this style."

Poetry Brainstorming template - students write topic in the middle and brainstorm ideas in the blocks around the edges

Great ideas in this blog post from Scholastic. Start 'em young! Playing With Poetry in the Primary Grades | Scholastic.com

This is a great activity for older elementary aged students. It incorporates colors, emotions, and poetry all in one lesson. Plus it comes with a great activity to reinforce the ideas!

Poetry introduction from Imagination Soup. Everything you need to know to introduce your kids to the fun of poetry. And it doesn't have to rhyme, she assures us!

Delightful poetry activities from Pinterest appeal to all ages! Ideas include art projects, poetry notebooks, and poetry resources,

For each line of the poem, the total number of syllables is determined by the sum of the two dice. Students will love the randomness of the is activity and the poems are fun to read too. You might want to give a broad topic such as "Autumn" or "My Family" so that the poems don't wander too much.

Poetry {Poem of the Week} Freebie - Poem and activities for shared reading and word work.

Fingerprint Poetry Templates for your classroom. Great back to school activity!

The crayon boxed that talked poetry activity

We have spent a good majority of the year sharing wishes and dreams. For our storyline expo, we are creating silhouettes of students sharing what they love about our school.

A poetry center can be used for stations. The pencils indicate the activities/questions students should complete to help them process poems they have read.

A must pin! Valentine's Day poetry activity with FREE PRINTABLE heart shape poem template...Happy Valentine's Day! from the classroom creative.com

Sample It Sunday! "at" word family activities - Fluency/Poetry Binder by Miss DeCarbo

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Hands-On Poetry Activities

Students use Tagxedo to make a word art writing "craftivity." Step-by-step directions and links for font, clip art etc. included. Even a kinder can make a word art picture with the assistance of an adult. The words used are adjectives that describe themselves; things worth "raving" about. FREE packet includes bookmarks and mini poster too!

Fun Poetry with Kids – Repetition & Onomatopoeia « Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

A wonderful found poetry exercise... the 5th graders did this as part of their altered book projects last year. Marking this as a reminder...