The Prunus Mume Tree, also known as the Japanese Apricot, features beautiful blossoms & fragrant fruits. Add this tree to your landscape with Willis Orchards!

The deep pink blossoms of the Japanese flowering Apricot - prunus mume 'beni- chidori' .

Variations of pink in the flowers echoed in a perfectly commissioned pot yet , not redundant. Soft feminine color pot w/ a slightly masculine shape. Naka once likened a pot to a "nice suit" for a person.

apricot (Prunus mume: Japanese Ume). #Bonsaimacetas

Prunus mume bonsai #bonsaitrees

Top 10: Árvores de Bonsai floríferas

Flowering Bonsai trees" A Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot) with tiny white flowers.

Prunus Mume, Bonsai Colmenar, Tienda y Escuela de bonsai.

Prunus mume / Japanische Aprikose; Bild:

Prunus mume / Japanische Aprikose; Bild:

Prunus mume Weeping Apricot- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prunus mume, Omiya Bonsai Museum