Psycho Facts <<< haha I love these!!

That red head fact isn't true I'm a read head and I'm 12 so I will be one of the only redheads left and my children will be red heads because red hair is a strong gene

Stop giving your attention to the wrong person and the right person will come around.

More Facts on Psychofacts :) yep, reverse psych ~ or then again, they might just walk away and forget you ever existed.

Psycho Facts:

Psycho Facts

Psycho Facts (okay, just sayin! redheads aren't allowed to go extinct! too many of my friends who are freaking awesome are redheads!

So, why don't we just deal with it? Its FEAR of confronting our issues that destroys us mentally not the issues themselves. it's others refusing to see our negative emotions because they are afraid of them.

Yes, I realised that when you use someones name rather than referring to them as "you" or "them" it makes them feel more important and cared about.

I remember my first real job, my boss told me to get to know the customer's name and call them by their name. I have stuck to that!

Some cute psycho facts :D

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