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Say goodbye to the X-MEN as they each die in DEATH OF X variant covers.

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Comics and nothin' but : Photo

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Psylocke Poster-02

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Rogue & Psylocke by Greg Capullo

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Psylocke Nouveau by ~hezaa Psylocke aka Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock is of British descent, despite having changed bodies with Kwannon-a ninja woman! Her psychic powers manifests themselves in a butterfly pattern around her face and she can use a psionic blade to disrupt the brain waves of sentient creatures.

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Psylocke by Jeff Dekal *

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Psylocke: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock may not have the most costume changes over her history, but she has had some of the most drastic. Not only has she changed her clothing, she even switched her race. She tried a few different hair colors until coming across purple and knew she had a winner. ~ pencils by Greg Land

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Psylocke (and Magneto) by Jim Lee from X-Men #1 (1991)

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Show off some serious Psylocke fighting skills with these intense cardio moves. 1. ATTACK THRUSTS – With right leg out, jab your right hand forward 3x while shuffling, shuffle back and do the same move with the left hand. (45 seconds, 3 Reps) 2. CROSS JACK ATTACKS – Perform jumping jacks while crossing your legs and arms with one another. (45 seconds, 3 sets) 3. JAB ATTACK – With right leg out, strike with your hand high, middle and low. Repeat on opposite side. (45 seconds, 3 Reps)

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