don't forget to smile

i love sunsets the only thing is they always make me think "a red sun rises blood has been spilled this night"

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The smell of new books.ahh I love :D OHHH, and old books. I feel like I am breathing in a different time period, and I am transported to a magical place, to where pen and ink were things of power, and thinking of how they still are today.

little reasons to smile

Setting sun, quiet almost deserted beach and me. I'm dazzled by the vision. Almost overcome from the sound of the breaking waves. I can fell the salt spray, taste the salt on my lips, feel the ocean being absorbed through my every breath…….

Top Ten Pros of Elliott Bay Book Co Moving (We’re Leaving Out the Cons)

Little Reasons to Smile: Putting Sugar on Strawberries

honey Strawberry facial mask

strawberries with a very light sprinkling of favorite snack and/or the perfect dessert!