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OMG so true. Mine cost like $200 bucks

Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes

My running shoes are the most expensive shoes I own. So stinkin' true. My running shoes are three times more expensive then my most expensive shoes otherwise

Knee problems / pain

for Knee Pain

Knee Pain- good for me to know! Struggling with knee pain from running for over 5 months now and my doctor just keeps sending me back to physio.

YES!!!!! I have so many books I like right now: The selection, divergent, the maze runner, AND SO MANY MORE!!!

A long time sufferer.>>> i too am a long time sufferer and it might be a coincidence but ord the word it spells is the word 'word' in Swedish

Things only runners understand Remember: They’re only trying to be supportive. Runner Problems: Things only runners understand… Plus: Essential running tips

"Things only distance runners understand. 'I'll just go for a quick run' actually means 'I'll see you in an hour, minimum'.

Run Faster Races, Custom Programs for Running, Training, Coaching

Run Faster Races, Custom Programs for Running, Training, Coaching

Shoe Lacing Guide for various Foot Problems - and to relieve pain

Causes of Foot Pain Lacing Guide: Be mindful of the precise criss-cross attern you use. Turns out, a little tweaking just might solve your particular grrr style problem.